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Whether you’re fortunate to be staying on the north, south, east or west, the wondrous island of Bali boasts magnificent beaches on all coasts. In the 1970’s Bali beaches became a popular haunt for surfers, as its waters are perfect for the sport. Surfing is still a big draw for tourists and backpackers, but now Bali beaches provide so much more.

It doesn’t matter what your ideal day at the beach entails, whether its water activities, nature watching, spending time with your family or simply soaking up the sun, Bali has a beach just for you.

Bali beach in the west: Kuta Beach

If you are looking for a lively spot to lay your beach towel, Kuta beach may be the spot for you. Located in the west of Bali, Kuta boasts a fantastic beach of white sand stretching over 5 kilometers. There are plenty of beach attractions and activities to keep you occupied, including surfing galore. Kuta is a bustling tourist area; with  many hotels, cafes and vendors. You can buy cheap food and souvenirs; you can rent chairs and surf boards, you’ll never be bored in Kuta.

The waters are known to be rough at times; this is great for surfers, however if you are swimming it is best to stay in the safe swim zones. Safe swim areas on Kuta beach are marked by flags and there also life guards placed at intervals along the beach. Kuta beach is also known to have the most spectacular views of the sky at sunset, and a sunset in Bali is something you will not want to miss.

Bali beach in the East: Geger Beach

Not into busy or crowded areas?  Maybe Geger beach in Nusa Dua is the perfect place for you. Located on the East coast, Geger beach is a more peaceful white sand beach close to the well known St.Regis Hotel. Though it is open to people at all times, Geger beach has none of the boisterous vendors that can be found on Kuta beach. There are a few small cafes and eateries along the board walk, and surfboards and sun loungers can he hired from the few hire places. Very few beaches in Bali allow this, but if you’re of a mind to, topless sun bathing is allowed on Geger beach. We’d recommend this spot for Bali honeymoon-ers.

Bali beach in the North: Lovina Beach

Northern Bali beaches are not generally known for their tropical splendor. They are however, known for their natural volcanic black sands; a different kind of beauty. Lovina is one such beach in the North of Bali. It is situated in a less commercialized area, but is still a favorite for tourists and locals alike. Besides the awesome natural scenery, the biggest draw for visitors, are the schools of dolphin that can be spotted from the beach every morning. This is a perfect place to get your camera out and capture some epic holiday pictures.

Bali beach in the south: Padang Bai Beach

Padang Bai is a small fishing village on the south-east coast of Bali. The main beach is home to many colourful fishing vessels and can be a little busy during the day. However, to the left and right of the main beach there are two other smaller beaches.

The fabulous Blue lagoon beach is well known to be the best for snorkelling. Its coral reef comes right up to the shore and is home to some great fish and other sea-life. There are two restaurants with reasonably priced food, showers, deck chairs and snorkelling equipment.

Bias Tugal Beach has beautiful clean white sand and is great for swimming though the currents can be strong.

This is a great place to have family day out. After you have had fun swimming and snorkelling you can settle down and enjoy a nice meal amidst the locals.

A trip or indeed a few trips to the beach is an essential part of any  Bali beach holiday and the beaches we have highlighted –  do not disappoint. Take your pick of black or white sand, calm or rough water, buzzing activity or indulgent relaxation, morning glory or evening splendour or better yet, don’t pick at all.

There are so many beaches to choose from, so why not see them all.  Furthermore if you want the best of both worlds, why not stay with us at Terrace at Kuta. For more info and special offer check out our offer page. Cheers*